Our Goals?

We want to be the best without being the most expensive!


We have produced webpages and multimedia since 1998. Our goal is to become known as one of the best to secure usability and high service when we supply CMS systems, streaming media or other services to our costumers.


We know that a user-friendly internet-solution can contribute to communication especially if it is thought into a marketing strategy with all other communication efforts. Internet is one of the most important tings, but is not the only thing you need to use if your marketing is going to work 100%


We supply web-solutions in the Content Managing System TYPO3. Our main focus on this system among many, because it is so flexible, stable and well tested and documented. TYPO3 have the most functionality compared to the costs. The system is the most wide spread in the world. The community around it is so strong, that this CMS have the highest possibility of survivel, and have the most progressive development of the system core and of new extensions.[Read more about our TYPO3-solutions]


Streaming media is also one of our specialities

From small services or solutions, like how to put streaming media on your website, to web-cast solutions like the one that runs the Danish National Broadcast Company DR?s online radio channels. Se http://www.dr.dk/radio


We use the same hostingpartner that are hosting DR?s solution.

We supply the whole solution or deliver a part of it like project managing, webmaster, hosting, Typo3- or streaming-courses, making communication- or marketing-strategy etc.